Creating a difference

Sai Srushti Group (SSG) is a diversified business group upholding the ideals of creativity, inclusivity and influence. Since its founding in 2005, SSG has established itself as a market leader in asset management and holding businesses. Today, the group is made up of multiple businesses spread across its three key verticals - platforms + solutions, innovation + incubation and social enterprise.

Our Growth Verticals

Experienced Solutions across Industries, Rooted in Deep Knowledge and Partnerships

Asset Holdings +

Building strong, fast-growing businesses that generate sustained value

Innovation +
Incubation Frameworks

Building multiple frameworks to drive innovation and incubate growth

Digital Platforms
and Solutions

Building connected platforms that solve problems for multiple stakeholders

Social Enterprises

Creating an eco-system of well-being, education and community across the nation

Our Roadmap to
Success is The Growth

The SSG Growth Framework© guides us in finding the right opportunities, executing the solution in a defined manner and defining success for each business we build.

  • Connect the dots
  • Take informed risks
Foundation of Wisdom
  • Past experience + Learnings




  • Aligns to purpose
  • Focused on innovation
  • Ability to scale
  • Power to execute
Levels of
SSG Business Systems
The Growth Framework©

SSG Business System

We ensure that we keep our core intact to drive business growth.

Outstanding People

We ensure that our people remain at the centre of everything we do as they are the drivers of our culture & purpose

Innovative Processes

We ensure that there is a structured approach to conducting business while ensuring there is no compromise on ethics

Guiding Values

Our values hold us together, they are our identity and serve as guiding principles of how we work and operate businesses


Strategic Decisions

We focus on the four key pillars to ensure that a common execution strategy is followed to ensure success in every opportunity.

Connect the dots
Know the industry
Define problem and opportunity
Balance risk and aspiration
Build strong relationships to bring solution to life
Take informed risks

Levels of Success

We focus on the four key pillars to ensure that a common execution strategy is followed to ensure success in every opportunity.

Aligned to purpose

Ensure everything we do is inclusive, innovative and impacts the quality of life

Ability to scale

Leverage technology to be able to serve more and serve better

Enabling innovation

Make sure it is a new way to solve an existing or new pain

Power to execute

Empower the right team with the right process to take the right decisions to deliver


10+ million Sq. Ft. of developed area, 20 million Sq. Ft in pipeline in different stages
Cutting-edge technology platforms in ESG and real estate
Asia’s largest life science park in Bangalore delivered
16% + IRR delivered to investors over the last decade
2 schools and 5k students educated

Rooted in key Principles of




Leadership Insight

At SSG, we are on a mission to make a meaningful difference in the quality of life in India. We embrace obstacles as opportunities for growth and take ownership of our successes and failures with utmost integrity. Our focus is on people - both inside and outside our organisation. With accountability and transparency at the core of all that we do, we strive to create an environment where innovation, problem-solving, and relationships can flourish."

Sreenadha Reddy Nayani Chairman & MD